Patty Baber and Angela Sharp

Executives, Real Title Services


Patty Baber, Production VP

Patty is all things title!  When you need an abstracting expert, Patty is your woman!  With over 17 years’ experience in title searching, document retrieval, and abstracting, Patty has searched property as small as a parking space, all the way up to multi-million-dollar projects for industrial parcels.  Patty learned her trade in the courthouses of New York and New Jersey long before online resources were available, which is to say she really knows her trade! As the Production VP of Real Title Services, she brings this expertise to all our in-house abstractors, as well a performing quality control checks on all work turned in to us by our extensive network of abstractors.
Talk/Text: 626-379-8720


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Angela Sharp, Senior Account Manager

Angela is all about you!  As the Senior Account Manager, she is there to make sure you, the client, are satisfied.  Along those lines, she has implemented efficiency programs to improve ETAs, and she monitors the organization’s communications to ensure orders are vended quickly, and to make sure ETA and status requests are answered within an hour.  She also on-boards clients, and can negotiate fees, or even create a product especially for you!  If you need any information about our services, Angela is there to help you!  With service-oriented and fast communication, you can count on her!
Talk/Text: 323-282-9854

Message from the Executives

We would love to be part of your abstractor vendor compliment for title searches and document retrievals.

We will gladly forward our price and coverage sheet, or fill-out a vendor application.  But please keep in mind that rather than quoting you our standard fee, sometimes having a conversation can lead to the best deal for each of us.  Meaning there can be some flexibility of pricing depending on what you need.  For example, what sort of volume might we expect?  And what pricing do you expect?  Do you have a few main states that you will be searching, or are you covering the whole country?

Also, please keep in mind, we can put together a team in almost any county in the country, so even if we are not currently covering a county (or even that state), for the right volume and/or pricing, we can establish a team anywhere you need.

We perform searches as small as a parking space (including cell towers), all the way up to multi-million-dollar projects for industrial parcels.  We also do volume document retrieval.

If there is something that we can do to accommodate your needs, please let us know, as we are very flexible when it comes to doing what needs to be done to provide excellent service.


Patty and Angela

Our expert abstractors are standing-by ready to perform your title search or document retrieval in over 1000 counties around the country.

About Real Title Services

We provide a full range of title search products, document retrievals, settlement products, and mortgage-related services.  These products are for the mortgage banking and real estate industries, and are all designed to help you expediently determine real estate ownership. We have existing feet-on-the-ground coverage in over 1000 counties, and we can always locate an expert searcher in any county via our extensive abstractor network.  We can also customize products for you.  With speed and accuracy, we deliver easy-to-understand reports right to your email inbox.

“Very much enjoy working with you”

We very much enjoy working with you all. You have great communication and have done great on all the orders we have sent to your company.  Just want to thank you for all of your hard work on the orders we have sent you. Just keep us posted on any expansion and price changes. We appreciate all that you do!

— Timely Documents, Inc.

“Second-to-none service”

I wanted to reach out really quickly and ask if there are any plans of coverage expansion in the near future for Real Title Services.  The service your team provides is second-to-none, and we really appreciate that, so if we were able to utilize your services on an even larger scale, that would be great and beneficial for everyone.  Thanks again Angela.”

— Black Knight/Property Insight


Loved by Clients Nationwide

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